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Booker’s Blog – Removing pet odor

Author: Booker T. Gray

It’s tough to talk to your clients about that elusive odor left by their beloved fur children, but we are happy to!

Your sellers can’t smell it but your buyers can and it can stop a sale in its tracks.




Check out these 5 ways to stamp out stink:
1. Replace the carpet and the mat. Deep clean the slab before laying down new
carpet with baking soda and odor removing experts.
2. Paint. Walls absorb odor! Use an odor killing primer like KILZ to eliminate
pet and smoke odors.
3. Thoroughly clean indoor and outdoor dog areas. Vinegar and baking soda
should be used consistently to help this problem. It gets even worse in
warm weather.
4. Wash or remove all bedding and toys.
5. Remove the source. Yes, dogs deserve a vacation too.

Staging a Coto de Caza Estate

Staging a pet friendly home

A familiar question – what do we do with our dog, cat, bird or iguana while our home is staged and listed?

According to the National Association of Realtors, 61% of households own a pet or plan to and 95% believe it is important that communities allow animals. At the same time, potential buyers do not want to see dog hair, cat litter and pet clutter in your home.

Here are 5 must do items when staging a pet-friendly property for sale:

  • Highlight pet amenities your property offers – washing stations, fenced yards, dog door, organized pet stations
  • Sweep / vacuum pet hair regularly – and before any showings
  • Put pet food, water, litter boxes or other clutter away during showings
  • Reduce stress to your pets and take them off property during showings. Keep in mind some potential buyers might be frightened by animals, so leave a sign if they are around and be certain they are confined.
  • Beware of pet odor! Use a scent or candle.

Should you stage your listing?

Staging can be a critical component your marketing plan to make a listing sell faster and for more money. Discuss these questions with your seller to determine if staging makes sense for your listing.

Ask These 10 Questions

  • Does my listing look like a model home and how does it compare to other listings?
  • How will this listing look online and in photos?
  • Does the listing appeal to the target audience?
  • Are the uses of each space clear and benefits highlighted?
  • Are there blemishes that need to be corrected or camouflaged?
  • Will buyers attach to the property emotionally?
  • What are the seller’s monthly expenses while property is listed?
  • How much is each price reduction?
  • How much equity is seller willing to loose through price reductions and monthly expenses?
  • What is seller willing to invest to sell this property faster?

It’s always best to stage before you list, but if your property is sitting on the market without an offer, it’s not too late to take another look at the pros of staging.

Remember…the investment in home staging is usually less than the first price reduction.

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